Captain Watch

Captain Watch

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film "隠れビッチ" やってました。 (2019)


Captain Watch

"隠れビッチ" やってました。

Date de sortie : 06 décembre 2019

Durée : 1h52

Réalisateur :

Hiromi is a 26-year-old single woman. She is popular with guys. Her hobby and specialty is getting men to like her using small talk and a shy persona. If a guy confesses his feelings for her, Hiromi leaves them. Hiromi's sharehouse mate Akira and her friend Aya blame Hiromi, calling her "Kakure Bitch" (a type of women who uses innocence to flirt with men). Hiromi does not care. One day, she takes an interest in Tsuyoshi, who works in the same office. She becomes to like him sincerely.

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