Captain Watch

Captain Watch

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film Alien Goddess (2022)


Captain Watch

Alien Goddess

Date de sortie : 18 avril 2022

Durée : 1h47

Réalisateur :

Musique :

The school seemed to be like any other school. But there was something hidden in its walls. One particular night, its secrets would finally be revealed to three groups of people, who spend the after hours in the old building: A late night photo shoot. - An evening seminar for people who fear death. - A secret meeting between two girls in love. - They didn't know they wouldn't be able to leave. On the other side of the threshold an invisible and inexplicable wall of strangulation and lethal noise keeps them trapped inside. It seems to be their destiny to get more and more entangled in the mysteries of that very night - And to confront the wonder - and the horror - of an alien presence.

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